Video – Journalists at War: Opening up about covering conflict zones

From war zones to riots and humanitarian crises, for some journalists this is their job. While some seek these assignments, others wake up one day to find their country at war, and others have never known their country to be at peace. iMEdD spoke to six journalists with different backgrounds and motivations, in the framework of International Journalism Week 2022.

Watch the video:

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In this video, they talk about the reasons that led them to risk their lives to cover war events, humanitarian crises and natural disasters, the experiences they gained and the stories that were engraved in their memories from their assignments in conflict zones.

Vania Turner (Documentary Journalist).
Matthew Cassel (Journalist, VICE News)
Alexia Kalaitzi (Journalist)
Louisa – Maria Gouliamaki (Photojournalist)
Noorwali Khpalwak (Journalist, La Maison des Journalistes)
Oleksiy Sorokin (Senior Editor, Kyiv Independent)

Production: iMEdD
Director / Producer / Narration: Phoebe Fronista
Director of Photography: Stamos Prousalis
Script consultant: Anastasia Moumtzaki
Editor: Yorgos Kolios-Tsirogiannis