TRAUMA: An audio documentary and a “Journalists’ Code of Conduct”

Disaster causes trauma to those who experience it, but it also leaves an imprint on our collective psyche, especially when it is repeated. The iMEdD journalistic team returns to seven tragedies that shook Greece, looking for the common thread that connects them.   

Railway accident in Tempi, Fires in Mati, Evia and Ilia, “Samina Express” shipwreck, Floods in Mandra, Earthquake in Athens – collapse of Rikomex. The audio documentary “TRAUMA” takes listeners into the personal accounts, shared grief, and raw emotions of survivors, relatives of victims, and frontline professionals. 

A medical examiner, a firefighter-psychologist, a psychiatrist, a lawyer, and a professor of surgery lend their expertise to help contextualize the psychological impact of trauma and explore the pursuit of justice and catharsis within the judicial system. 

All testimonies consistently highlight a common theme: a widespread lack of trust in the government, a prevailing sense of impunity, and the feeling that something like this could happen to each and every one of us.   

Additionally, iMEdD gathers fundamental rules of journalistic practice when approaching traumatic events. With the help of experts, we created a “Journalist’s Code of Conduct for Reporting on Traumatic Events”. From the first hours after the incident to the resulting story, the “Journalist’s Code of Conduct” provides essential guidelines to ensure responsible journalism and prioritize the wellbeing of those affected. 

Visit this link to listen to the audio documentary and explore the “Journalist’s Code of Conduct”. 

Who worked on this project 

Research – Audio documentary: Kostas Koukoumakas, Nikolas Aronis, Phoebe Fronista, Katerina Voutsina, Georgios Schinas  

Script – narration: Kostas Koukoumakas  

Sound mixing – Sound Design: Aris Athanasopoulos  

iMEdD Podcasts Project Manager: Panagiotis Menegos  

Research – Toolkit: Katerina Voutsina, Athina Thanasi, Stefania Ibrishimova, Panagiotis Menegos, Anastasia Moumtzaki, Giolanta Ntamadaki, Celia Tsigka 

Text Editor: Kelly Kiki  

Art Director: Evgenios Kalofolias  

The project “TRAUMA” is covered by a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 4.0) and is freely available to all interested parties, as long as it is not for commercial use. You may reproduce it, with credit to the authors and the source.