Thessaloniki Film Festival is teaming up with iMEdD – incubator for Media Education and Development

iMEdD & Thessaloniki International Film Festival are delighted to launch a new collaboration. Through a series of talks, podcasts, developmental programmes and success stories, the two institutions will explore the points of convergence between cinema, journalistic research and journalism.

This new collaboration will kick off in North Evia, on the occasion of Evia Film Project, the Festival’s new initiative, where iMEdD will host two masterclasses, open to the public and centered on environmental journalism.

On Friday June 17th, in Agia Anna, director and journalist Yorgos Avgeropoulos will share his thoughts on journalism’s role in the production of an environment-themed documentary, while on the following day, Saturday June 18th, in Limni, environmental journalist Katerina Christofilidou will focus on the journalistic research that serves as a basis for environment-themed movies, introducing a practical guide. 

The next chapter in this collaboration is no other than a developmental podcast-oriented programme. More details will soon be unveiled.

Moreover, in October 2022, the Festival will take part in the International Journalism Week: A Matter of Trust , which binds together cinema and journalism and will be held from 5 to 9 October in Athens, by iMEdD.

The two organizations will persist in discovering the affinities between art and journalism, through a series of actions and initiatives that will reach a peak in the 63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

This multilayered collaboration comes as a result of the common values and concerns shared by the two institutions, aiming to bring forth the significance of research and documentation in the development of film projects and podcasts.

Our priority is to further strengthen and give prominence to the journalistic community through iMEdD, within the context of the Festival’s actions. An additional goal is to broaden the bonds between the communities of cinema and journalism, with our eyes set on the further development of the relevant narrative and content production, as well as on its consolidation with reliable data and independent research that abides by the due journalistic practices and tools.

More detailed information on the masterclasses hosted within the framework of Evia Film Project can be found right below:

iMEdD Masterclass: The role of journalism in the production of an environment-themed documentary.

Speaker: Yorgos Avgeropoulos, filmmaker-journalist

Friday June 17th, 7pm, “To apostagma”, Agia Anna

In this masterclass, acclaimed filmmaker and journalist Yorgos Avgeropoulos will share his long-standing experiences in documentary production, featuring examples and providing advice with regard to narrative development and the need for research and documentation.

iMEdD Masterclass: Journalistic research as basis for environment-themed films – A practical guide

Speaker: Katerina Christofilidou, environmental journalist

Saturday June 18th, 11am, Mela Building, Limni

In this masterclass, journalist Katerina Christofilidou, whose work has been revolving around environmental issues ever since the 90s, will discuss with filmmakers on how independent journalist research and the artists’ “look” can join forces and open new roads towards the understanding of an ever-changing world.

Through -aA practical guide Ms. Christofilidou, will offer advice on the handling of an environmental thematic and propose practices that can back a professional in the approach of any environmental issue that has a toll on society, economy and public health.

Among others, the topics under discussion will be the following:

Parameter analysis – Thematic axes

Journalistic research & Documentation

Collection and application of reliable scientific data

Validation & diversification of sources

A few words on iMEdD:

iMEdD is a non-profit journalistic organization, founded in 2018 with the exclusive donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). Its mission is to support and promote the transparency, credibility and independence in journalism on the grounds of securing meritocracy and excellence in the field.