The European Elections through Twitter networks

I know what you discuss for the elections on Twitter! For the first time ever, a Greek platform reveals in real time all relevant discussions on Twitter.

This innovative platform was developed by MediaWatch team (Civic Information Office) and will be deployed for European Elections. MediaWatch, a member of iMEdD’s incubator, is a network analysis platform which continuously monitors online media outlets and identifies flows of information – potentially detecting bad actors and networks of propaganda.

More specifically, for the period of 20-27 May 2019 the platform will monitor the hashtag #Ευρωεκλογές2019 (#europeanelections2019) and other relevant ones, as well as the Twitter accounts of politicians, in order to report in real time on the volume and frequency of tweets and the users’ profiles and correlations.

The platform is open to everyone at, with the goal to inform citizens on the information and news dissemination paths on social media as well as present the networks that build and promote specific stories, such as fake news, propaganda, etc., both on local and European level. At the same time, the platform will lead to useful conclusions for the quality of the content produced by journalists, politicians and influencers on social media.

The platform also allows journalists to contribute to its efficiency. Journalists can register in order to evaluate and categorize each tweet based on the content (non-political, political, fake news, hate speech), on the user’s identity (politician, journalist, other, etc.) and on the political orientation (left, center, right, etc.), always justifying their choices.

The overall results and conclusions of this research will be published after the European Elections.