The droughts are a “bell” for future floods

Aggeliki Oikonomou’s mobile phone screen reveals a poignant scene: two individuals are engulfed by water. The video that was shared with iMEdD was recorded by her cousin on the day of the Thessaly floods, which occurred on September 7. In the footage, a man, immersed up to his waist in water, steers a white wooden plank using a rope. On this floating plank, Aggeliki’s 13-year-old cousin can be seen. With one hand, he is attempting to retrieve scattered objects carried away by the swift current. Meanwhile, with his other hand, he clings to the railing of his yard, in an effort to remain anchored against the force of the water.

Aggeliki’s family hails from Flamouli, a small village just minutes away from Trikala. While she resides in Athens throughout the year, she returns each summer to her homeland to spend time with her family. Tragically, her cousins’ home was among those inundated due to the heavy rain. That fateful night, her relatives were forced to take refuge on the rooftop. The storm, named Daniel, wrought havoc upon Trikala, Zagora, and Volos, while the flooded regions extended to cover 4,750 acres. The inundation persisted for an entire week.

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