SNF NOSTOS 2022 // the HEALTH podcast

How technologies shape the future of medicine? Is bioethics one of the most crucial issues of our time? How does global inequality define health statistics? Are we heading to a future of robotics, psychedelics, and new body perspectives? Leading scientists, researchers and thinkers from around the world address these issues in iMEdD’s new podcast series, held as part of the SNF Nostos 2022 Health Conference.


  1. Brian Lobel: Why cancer resembles to capitalism?
  2. Dr. Frederick Barrett: What if our future is more psychedelic than we think of?
  3. Beth Blauer: What’s more important for your health? The place you were born or your type of blood?
  4. Emma Ross: Would we trust scientists more if they were better trained in storytelling?
  5. Sharon Kaur: Would you take a test that would tell you exactly when you are going to die?
  6. Valentina Fossati: How can we turn two drops of blood in stem cells and open a new window in our body?

Interviews: Panagiotis Menegos
Mixing-Sound Design: Aris Athanasopoulos