Out of the Box – the modern history of the Greek Media through the archive of Vassilis Koufopoulos.

iMEdD undertakes to support the digitization of the journalistic archive of the journalist Vassilis Koufopoulos.

Vassilis Koufopoulos covers the reporting and follows the news coverage of the Mass Media in Greece for more than 40 years, a period of literally world-historical changes for the broadcasting landscape in Greece.

Throughout these years he has maintained a systematic archive of publications on these developments which, in collaboration with iMEdD, will be made accessible and available to use for the first time by the general public.

Vassilis Koufopoulos entrusted his archive to the Organization and in cooperation with him we are proceeding to record, organize and digitize this valuable material that composes the entire modern history of the Greek media.

The aim of the project is to rescue unique documents, to classify them in the archives and finally to digitize them so that they can be accessible to the public through an open digital search platform.