Navigating burnout: A guide for journalists

AX Mina (Ana), Leadership Trainer and Coach at the The Self Investigation, offers her insights into burnout in journalism.

Digital transformation in the newsroom

iMEdD dives into the sphere of digital transformation in journalism by interviewing three leaders in the field, who participated in the iMEdD International Journalism Forum.

The droughts are a “bell” for future floods

Thessaly's recent floods emphasize the need for advanced flood protection, meteorological data monitoring, and climate crisis research to reduce extreme weather impacts.

The Shadowy World of Telegram Hooligans

How do Croatian hooligans, fan groups in Ukraine and Greece, and far-right ideologies intersect? An iMEdD investigation explored their Telegram-driven networking and their connections with extremist ...

TRAUMA: An audio documentary and a “Journalists’ Code of Conduct”

24 years, seven tragedies: The survivors' experiences and the collective trauma of an entire nation.

Elections 2023: Analyzing the pre-election political discourse in Greece using AI

iMEdD analyzes the pre-election speeches of political leaders in the context of experimental research that combines human expertise with innovative AI models, such as ChatGPT.

iMEdD Lab participates in Mapping Diversity, a large-scale data investigation and analysis mapping the honoured individuals in the streets of Europe

In 30 of Europe’s biggest cities, streets named after women make up only 9% of the streets dedicated to individuals, while on average, 91% of streets named after individuals are called after men.

Survey: Data Journalism evolution over the last year

The second annual survey conducted by on the State of Data Journalism in 2022 is now published and the key findings are available in Greek by iMEdD Lab. What are the biggest ...

Cross-border data investigation on femicides in Europe

The Mediterranean Institute for Investigative Reporting (MIIR) in collaboration with 18 journalism teams conducted the first Europe-wide cross-border data investigation on femicides.

The workshops on data journalism are completed

n the framework of iMEDd’s cooperation with the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, iMEdD Lab held a cycle of workshops on Data Journalism.