Lab: COVID-19 I The spread of the disease in Greece and around the world

iMEdD Lab presents a new, interactive application, updated on a daily basis to inform the Greek journalism community and all interested parties about the spread of Covid-19 in Greece and around the world, through a simple, user-friendly tool.

*This application is constantly updated, improved and evolved, in terms of content and technical competence. Thanks for understanding and using this BETA version.

The app shows on a map the geographical distribution of verified recorded cases in our country and globally, while it also presents comprehensive statistics, as made available by official bodies.

You can share or/and embed this iMEdD Lab app in your website, under the terms hereof, with the kind reminder to cite the creator and in compliance with the terms and limitations described here

The embed code is:

<iframe src=”” style=”border:0px #ffffff none;” name=”imedd-covid” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”1″ marginheight=”0px” marginwidth=”0px” height=”400px” width=”600px” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Data on confirmed cases registered in Greece and data on the geographical distribution of cases in the country are based on official data reported daily by the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) The iMEdD Lab team collects these data and maintains it in datasets available in the repository in the iMEdD Lab GitHub account.

The source of data displayed on the world map and table by country ranking, by number of cases, number of recovered patients or number of deaths, is the Worldometer, the content of which is subject to terms of use. In the iMEdD Lab application, these data and related visualizations are updated at regular intervals throughout the day. The source of the historical global data represented in the chart under the heading “The evolution of cases in time” is the repository of  Johns Hopkins University στο GitHubThe use of said data is only allowed for educational or research purposes. In this repository, said University provides for educational and research purposes the data collected by its research team and shown in the corresponding online app of the Johns Hopkins University, which was initially published on 22 January 2020. To find out more about how the Johns Hopkins University app was developed and the data it uses click here.

For any additional information or clarification, please contact [email protected] or use the form to contact iMEdD.