Video: Marc Marginedas

Digging for the truth: An exclusive, in-depth interview with an indefatigable truth-seeker

Every year, dozens of journalists are killed, abducted, or imprisoned simply for being journalists. One of the many journalists targeted for seeking the truth in order to inform the public is Spanish investigative journalist, Marc Marginedas.

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Marginedas was abducted on 4 September 2013 by Islamic State extremists in Syria. He had entered the country illegally three days before, embedded with a Free Syrian Army cell, to cover a possible U.S. intervention for the Spanish newspaper El Periódico. At the same time, he was also investigating the chemical attack that had taken place on 21 August on the outskirts of Damascus.
In this gripping video testimonial, he relates how he endured six months of psychological and actual torture in captivity, his survivor’s guilt after his release, and how he returned to journalism.
*Marc Marginedas has covered some of the world’s major wars, uprisings, and conflicts (Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Ukraine, Chechnya, and the Arab Spring). He had traveled to Syria twice before his abduction.
The interview took place during International Journalism Week 2022 by iMEdD.
Production: iMEdD
Director/Producer: Phoebe Fronista
Director of Photography: Stamos Prousalis
Editor: Yorgos Kolios-Tsirogiannis
Script consultant: Anastasia Moumtzaki
Sound design: Aris Athanasopoulos
Archival footage: El Periódico
Photograph: Sergio Caro