Incubator: The 7 Projects of Cycle 1 were presented shortly before their launch.

After 9 months full of creativity, collaboration and hard work, the 7 projects developed by 19 creators in the context of theIncubator – the second pillar of iMEdD, have now entered the homestretch and were publicly presented for the first time by the people who created them.

“In the Incubator of cycle 1, we embraced 7 different projects, from documentaries to journalist platforms-tools and photojournalism and are now proud to see them come to life through the support we provided with tools, consultants, expert associates and any other means deemed necessary by the relevant creators”, said Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou, Managing Director of the iMedD, while Stratis Trilikis, Program Director, promised an even more productive year for 2020, with various and innovative programs.

During the event, that was held at the facilities of the iMEdD, journalists and friends of the organisation had the opportunity to learn more about the following projects: 

SPIRITS UNSEEN: Myrto Papadopoulou travelled to Thrace and Europe in the context of a multimedia photographic project, referring to a unique population of the Muslim minority of Thrace, the Pomaks. 

SUMMERTIME: Lina Kapetaniou, Elvira Krithari, Janine Louloudi and Ilias Stathatos presented a cross-border journalistic research on the problematic issues in the working conditions of tourism, our heaviest and more promoted industry.

THE REFUGE: Natassa Mplatsiou and Nikos Pilos created a multimedia documentary in the form of a website, film and photobook on the Refugee community of Alexandras Avenue – perhaps the largest in area size in Europe. 

MEDIAWATCH: Dimitris Papaevangelou and Ilias Dimos developed the MediaWatch, a monitoring and analysis platform that allows journalists and the Media to respond to new challenges in a sustainable manner, identifying propaganda networks and malicious practices in the flow of information. 

FISH SILENCE: Thodoris Chondrogiannos travelled to the Greek islands, to Spain and Italy and created a feature film documentary on overfishing in the Mediterranean and the dying profession of fishermen in the era of climatic change. 

ISLANDERS: Giannis Kolesidis visited borderline islands during winter and used his camera and experienced eye to highlight the difficulties in the everyday lives of islanders, recording personal stories and the wild beauty of the scenery which most people are used to see in the light of summer.

WORKBENCH: The localisation of an automatic data journalism platform, so that all journalists in Greece can freely access this powerful tool was a project undertaken by Christos Gavalas, Konstantinos Mourlas, Nikos Pitsiladis, Sotiris Sideris, Jonathan Stray, Thanasis Trompoukis and Katerina Sotirakou – the project manager – who said: “The iMEdD was a light in the dark. Just when we were starting loosing hope and hitting a dead end, this organisation came along and provided the holistic support we needed not only to make our vision possible, but to evolve it to something more complete and comprehensive.”

The event was closed by the Incubator Project Managers, Nikolas Aronis and Dimitris Bounias, who announced the 10 aspiring projects of cycle 2, which will start shortly.

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