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An innovative data journalism website featuring methodologies, datasets and interactive applications.

All content generated by iMEdD Lab is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license and is marked accordingly.

Focusing on the post-digital age and embracing the modern journalistic paradigm set by the world’s most prominent Media groups, Lab, iMEdD’s original content production pillar, presents a website that features interactive journalistic investigation, data analysis, and original content and is experimenting with new forms and tools in journalism, while supporting and encouraging every journalist or researcher to adopt them.

“At iMEdD Lab we believe in open data and transparency, hence, our work is licensed under a Creative Commons license and is available to everyone. Gone are the days when journalism was a one-man-band affair. Today, cooperation between teams of journalists, computer engineers, graphic designers and scientists specializing in various fields is required in order for us to carry out our work and investigate issues that will have an impact on society”, says Thanasis Troboukis, Project Manager and journalist at iMEdD Lab.

Articles such as “Greece Battles with fires all year long”, and “What Statistics Can Tell Us about Stefanos Tsitsipas’ Career” are compiled based on the process of data analysis and are subsequently offered to the journalistic community with accompanying open datasets that are freely available to everyone to edit and/or republish, as well as information on the methodology followed for each of them. The iMEdD Lab also republishes surveys and topics generated by iMEdD network affiliates, such as the European Data Journalism Network survey and the Algorithm Watch survey evaluating the Instagram algorithm.

Applications are also developed, such as the one monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in Greece and around the world through the use of maps, graphs and charts, but also through hosting interviews with specialized professionals on media-related topics.

“Data openness and freedom of expression are basic principles but also prerequisites for data journalism, which, in turn, has added value to investigation, documentation and storytelling. This type of thinking and these values are at the very core of iMEdD Lab’s work. Alongside journalistic stories, included in the website are also a series of working methodologies, tutorials and presentations of useful tools for the development of data-based topics. With this project, we seek to address the journalistic and the wider research community”, Kelly Kiki said, Project Manager iMEdD Lab – Journalist.

To create the iMEdD Lab website, the user-centered design model was followed, placing potential users at the heart of the website development process, with the primary target audience being the journalistic community itself, including professionals and students who are interested in modern techniques and good practices in investigation, documentation and narration. To find out more about the methodology click here

Visit the website and stay tuned for topics scheduled to be published at regular intervals.