#iMEdDIJF23: Today’s topics – discussed. Tomorrow’s stories – in progress.

We need a collective reality check. At a time when journalism is both discredited but also targeted by those it strives to hold accountable, we need to find the appropriate response. We need to remind ourselves of the importance of journalism. And the only way to achieve this is by being together as a community, like we do today”.

Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou, Founder & Managing Director of iMEdD, and journalist

Over 140 speakers from 35 countries shared their expertise with more than 1450 participants in 59 sessions from 28 to 30 September. The Forum had it all; from investigations and case studies on climate crisis, migration, corruption, and war, to advancements in artificial intelligence and discussions on press freedom and media sustainability. 

Journalists from both international and Greek media organizations and outlets collaborated and networked with scientists, academics, and students. Together, they tackled global issues that redefine today’s media landscape. One of the Forum’s underlying theme –collaboration– was also manifested via the Media Village that hosted 18 independent media and journalism organizations, providing participants with the opportunity to interact and learn about their work and vision.

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