iMEdD will participate in the 5th Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy

We will be among the co-hosting partners of the 5th Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy, organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications and the Jean Monet Chair on European Union Public Diplomacy. The event will take place between 16 and 23 July 2021.

iMEdD is the first Greek organization of its kind to join an international group of prominent universities and high-profile journalism organizations from across the globe, having already spent three years running multiple programs aimed at building the core of new-age journalism. Through collaborations with the Greek and international academic community, relevant institutions, as well as professionals in the field, it develops projects, produces content, and supports innovative ideas, aided by the most cutting-edge technology available and guided by meritocracy and transparency.

This year, we will contribute through the expertise and experiences that will be shared by its team members, in terms of the four fields to be covered by the Academy:

1. Disinformation, Science Journalism / News Literacy

2. Crisis Communication

3. New business models in Media Organizations

4. Masterclass “Practicing Peace Journalism through Photojournalism”

In particular, we will be discussing our work and the philosophy underpinning the organization during a presentation titled: “How organizations can contribute to the sustainability and future of journalism and media,” with the aim of further informing participants, familiarizing them with the organization, and ultimately establishing interaction between the two.

At the same time, the journalism team behind the iMEdD Lab, iMEdD’s original content production pillar that has data journalism at its core, will hold a workshop called: “REPORTING ON COVID DATA. Dos & Don’ts in Data Analysis – The case study of iMEdD Lab’s COVID tracker: Data collection, processing, and structuring with the use of Python.”

The 5th Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy (THISAM), entitled “New trends in Media and Journalism: turning crisis into opportunity”, will be focusing on new trends in Journalism and Media, with an emphasis on ways of dealing with misinformation and fake news, verification techniques, the crisis in media and journalism, as well as new models adopted by modern Journalism Organizations. This is a hybrid event that participants can attend both on-site (in Thessaloniki) and virtually.

More information about the Academy and registrations: