iMEdD Invites two Media Professionals to “Journalists Field Safety”

School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTh) organize the first “Journalists Field Safety” Training School in Greece. The school will take place in Kilkis, Greece, between November 24th-28th 2019.

The Journalists Field Safety training camp aims to provide the necessary knowledge to media professionals covering war conflicts so that they can manage the challenges they will face in the field of war and crisis and take care of their personal safety.

The program comprises of two essential parts, theoretical and intensive practical training, in correspondingly designed spaces to simulate the real field in order to provide participants with an integrated experience. The issues to be addressed include, inter alia: legal issues related to armed conflict, movement security, data security, hygiene, risks and stress management. The Camp for Journalists’ Security in War and Crisis is co-organized with the Jean Monnet Chair for Journalism in European Integration and the Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center, with the support of Incubator for Media Education and Development (iMEdD), the European Federation of Journalists and Digital Communications Network Hub Thessaloniki.

In this context, iMEdD gives two media professionals (journalists, photojournalists or videographers) the opportunity to attend this program for free, through a lottery selection process, by registering HERE. Responses to the ones attending the camp will be sent by email until November 11, 2019. The draw will take place on Tuesday, November 5 at 2pm at iMEdD.

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