Gen Z and Media: Panteion students’ podcast project, in collaboration with iMEdD

In the framework of iMEdD‘s collaboration with Panteion University, Kelly Kiki, Journalist and Project Manager at iMEdD Lab and Panagiotis Menegos, Journalist and Podcast Content and Production Manager at iMEdD, held a workshop on podcast production, which was part of the Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory (ADandPRLAB) of Panteion University, Director of which is Betty Tsakarestou, Associate Professor, in collaboration with Stavros Kaperonis, Teaching Laboratory Staff.

The workshop was addressed to third-year students of the Department of Communication, Media & Culture and aimed to provide them with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully launch their first podcast.

The workshop was a step-by-step introduction for the students to creating podcast episodes with high-quality audio.

During the sessions, participants were introduced to basic techniques for developing a high-quality podcast. In particular, they received practical advice on how to choose the right equipment, on podcast recording and audio production techniques and guidance on how to produce a podcast from the initial conception and design stage to its completion and publication. 

The students also had the opportunity to discover how the podcast production industry works and to discuss the additional challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic in terms of podcast production and the listeners’ new habits and preferences, the current situation in the field in Greece and the trends that dominate the global market.

Finally, the students worked in groups to produce their own podcasts, under the broad theme of Gen Z and Media. Music preferences, eating habits, interpersonal relationships, activism, role models, mental health and entrepreneurship were some of the topics that were in the spotlight.

The 18 groups of students presented the podcasts they created at the iMEdD premises, with an open discussion following.

The new podcast series entitled Gen Z and Media is hosted in a special podcast section on the iMEdD website.

A few words about the Advertising and Public Relations Lab (ADandPRLab)

The Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory (ADandPRLab) of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University has been operating since 1993 and was established in 2021. The Lab invites professionals in communication, entrepreneurship, start-ups, media and digital communication to participate and co-create learning initiatives and collaborative projects.