Forced disappearances in Mexico: safe journalism, safer lives

“Since the War on Drugs was declared in Mexico in 2006, more than 150 journalists have been murdered and more than 30 disappeared. Mexican journalists do not die in crossfires or from land mines like in a traditional war. In Mexico, journalists are being hunted” said Marcela Turati, in the Lighting Talk series “Reflections on press freedom or lack thereof”. As a conclusion to the second day of the iMEdD International Journalism Forum, the session exposed the many faces of human rights abuses and violation of press freedom around the world.

During the interview, Turati started by setting out the context of the humanitarian crisis that Mexico is facing, with 112,000 people having disappeared in total and a staggering average of one person disappearing each hour in the last years. More than 55,000 unidentified bodies have also been found in morgues and mass graves, giving way to the question of how this became Mexico’s norm?

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