Citizen Europe: What does Europe mean to us

In view of the European elections, iMEdD hosts the viewing of the documentary Citizen Europe. Through the personal stories of participants of the most ambitious “experiment” of the European convergence, Erasmus+ program, the documentary focuses on the fundamental issues that young European citizens face today and what Europe represents for us. The viewing will be followed by a panel discussion on the challenges that could possibly affect the results of the upcoming elections. The panel will consist of:
Liz Alderman, Paris-based Chief European Business Correspondent, The New York Times
Anderas Apostolidis, Director Citizen Europe
Yannis Palaiologos, Journalist, Kathimerini Newspaper
Kostas Tsoutsoplides, Press Officer at the Representation of the European Parliament in Greece
Nikos Chrysoloras, Brussels Bureau Chief, Bloomberg

The discussion will cover indicatively the present and future of EU, whether citizens of EU countries feel like they belong in a union or not, the effectiveness of EU actions for integration, Euroscepticism, what people from different European countries have in common and what differentiates them historically, financially and culturally.

The event will be held on Wednesday, May 22nd at 18.30. Register here.