Book Presentation “The Launch of Reading” by Panos Konstantopoulos

Panos Konstantopoulos’s third book, featuring writings published in the “ETHNOS” newspaper from 2017 to date, will be presented on Saturday 14 December, at 18:30 at iMEdD.

Collaborations with acknowledged peers, investigative journalism, reporting and promoting stories using infographics as a tool. It is no surprise that when these projects were planned the “ETHNOS” newspaper received positive acclaim, winning four stars for Infographics at the European Newspapers Awards. The book features a special section on the INFONEWS column, the first infographics column in the Greek Press.

The book will be presented by:

Noulis Chatzidimitriou, Publisher – Editor-in-chief at ETHNOS

Zoe Katsigianni, Infographics’ designer

Paris Mexis, Creative Director

Niki Lymperaki, journalist, anchorwoman of the evening News program of Open Beyond

Journalist Sonia Chaymanta will be the moderator of the event