A survey across Greece: Do we trust journalism?

What is the level of trust in journalism among the public and journalists themselves?

In a bid to further explore attitudes and opinions regarding journalism, iMEdD conducted two nationwide anonymous surveys in collaboration with the University of Macedonia’s Public Opinion and Market Research Unit.

The surveys seek to investigate a) journalists’ own trust in journalism, their perceptions of their own profession and the factors influencing their level of trust b) people’s trust in journalism and the factors contributing to their attitudes.

The public and journalists -among others- answered the following questions:

– How much do you trust journalists in Greece?
– In Greece, there is too much dependence of journalists on governments and/or political parties
– If from tomorrow morning the websites from which you get your information became subscription-based, would you pay and continue to read them normally?
– Where should news websites derive their revenue from?

Research identity
▪️ Research Conducted by:
Public Opinion Research Unit of the University of Macedonia Research Institute ( @researchunit_uom )

▪️ Type and Method:
Quantitative online survey using a structured questionnaire & Quantitative survey with telephone interviews and use of structured questionnaire

▪️ Participating Sample Size:
1,300 & 1,536

▪️ Period of Conduct:
December 23, 2021 – June 1, 2022 & September 1, 2021 – September 9, 2022

Find the complete survey results HERE