SNF Dialogues: Spectators or Citizens?

In a media world where information often turns into "infotainment" and journalism risks becoming tabloid-like, the SNF Dialogues event "Spectators or Citizens?" explored the relationship between ...

Children’s access to mental health: From Freud to ChatGPT

During SNF Nostos 2023, journalist Kostas Koukoumakas discussed with experts about children’s access to mental health.

Gun Violence: Thinking out of the box to take on a public health epidemic

During SNF Nostos 2023, journalist Phoebe Fronista discussed with doctors, activists, professors, and lawyers at the frontlines of America’s gun crisis.

Is God a mental health “professional”?

During SNF Nostos 2023, journalist Panagiotis Menegos discussed with esteemed panelists Michael Niconchuk, Rana Dajani, Sunitha Krishnan, and Sangeetha Thomas Exploring about the connection between ...

SNF Dialogues – Mental Health: Reconnecting in a fractured political landscape

Polarization and its relationship to mental health were the focus of the SNF Dialogues discussion that took place on June 21, and marked the beginning of the 2023 SNF Nostos Conference on mental ...

SNF Nostos 2023: iMEdD Media Area

The iMEdD Media Area is a space where journalists and media professionals can meet, work, receive information about the SNF Nostos Conference and also meet the iMEdD team.

SNF Dialogues: Modern political values, ancient drama

Echoes from theater traditions in ancient Athens that continue to reverberate across the millennia in current global politics were the focus of the 54th SNF Dialogues discussion, which took place on ...

SNF Dialogues: Modern political values, ancient drama

On Wednesday, September 28 at 18:00 (EET), SNF Dialogues will host an open discussion at the Roof of The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens about the resonant political and social messages ...

SNF Dialogues – Social Media and Social Change

In their first international meeting outside Greece, the SNF Dialogues visited London on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, to discuss the highly topical and essential issue of Social Media and Social Change.

Young people led the way toward better health for all at SNF Nostos Health

SNF Nostos 2022 focused on challenges in health, shared worldwide examples of how they are being confronted, and announced new collaborations aiming to address them equitably and sustainably.