SNF Nostos 2022: iMEdD Media Area

From 21 – 24 June (09:00-20:00), the iMEdD Media Area will be open, a specially designed area where journalists and media professionals can work, watch the sessions in progress and meet with ...

Generation Social

SNF Dialogues, as part of the 2022 SNF Nostos Conference on health, will talk with young people from around the globe about social media and the mental imprint it’s leaving on their generation, the ...

SNF Nostos Health June 23 & 24, 2022

A landmark event in the effort to inform, discuss, and lay the foundations for quality health care that is accessible to all.

#51 SNF Dialogues

Focused on highlighting the global importance of mental health issues, the open, public dialogue with scientists, students, and educators discussed how the pandemic has brought mental health to the ...

#50 SNF Dialogues

In the first SNF Dialogues webcast of 2022, participants discussed whether—and how—the social isolation and anxiety induced by the pandemic have led to an increase in violent behavior worldwide.

#49 SNF Dialogues

In the final webcast of 2021, a year that, for the majority of the world, was filled with anxiety and fear, polarization and doubt, Maria Efthimiou engaged in an open discussion with the audience ...


The availability and quality of care, as well as questions of access and ethics, were central themes of the live Dialogues webcast.


Setting the backdrop for this 47th Dialogues discussion was the testimony by a former Facebook product manager turned whistleblower that the company puts profits over safety, highlighting the urgent ...

Professor Niki Evelpidou on heavy rainfall in burnt areas.

From fires, to floods, to soil erosion and desertification, professor Niki Evelpidou explains what happens when we have heavy rainfall in burnt areas.


Climate Change – Part 2 Rapid changes in the global climate system, humanity’s adaptation to extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and climate justice are some of the issues the audience ...