by Giorgos Moutafis

Photographer and videographer Giorgos Moutafis looks back at the year-long and voluminous archive he has compiled covering humanitarian crises.

I have been covering the refuge crisis for 14 years now. The material I have is a reflection of the reality and I want to put it out there for people to see the bare truth.”

In particular at material he produced after having dedicated 14 years to the refugee crisis and the dangerous routes to Europe.

Photos and videos that capture sadness, despair, and the struggle for survival, create a unique canvas of human stories.

These are archived in order to re-emerge in a new format and to accentuate the pressing matter of migrating populations.

The selection and archiving have been completed and the creator is now in the process of creating a single narrative flow, which will best reflect the experience of these people through the lens of an award-winning professional.