360° experience at iMEdD’s Workshop

The first workshop of the new Ideas Zone cycle was successfully completed on Friday, September 27th.

During this workshop Giannis Drenogiannis, one of the pioneers of VR & 360 ° video in Greece, gave participants the opportunity to implement this new perspective on journalism and the way approach storytelling, with the use of VR & 360 ° video techniques.

After getting familiar with the tools and techniques, participants were divided into groups with the aim of filming, editing and presenting their first 360-degree video. This gave them the opportunity not only to get acquainted with these new techniques on a theoretical level, but also to experience the filming and editing processes, with the specific features of 360 °.

Ιn the spirit of Ideas Zone, iMEdD organizes a series of workshops and meetings on new journalism tools. You can stay updated on the program at iMEdD.org.

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